Laura K. Inamedinova has been featured not only in top online and paper publications, but she is has also contributed in Forbes, Huffington Post and many more well known and respected international and local media outlets. Some of her articles and expert commentaries are gathered below.


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Entrepreneur: How To Brand Yourself The Right Way With 21 Year Old Forbes Columnist Laura K. Inamedinova [2016]

Editorial piece about Laura K. Inamedinova on personal branding
"I sat down to speak with Laura K. Inamedinova, an independent PR and Branding consultant, Forbes & Huffington Post columnist, and she gave me some solid tips on how to get professional exposure."


Crypto Coin News: Here’s Why ICOs Are Turning out Impressive Figures Despite Challenges [2018]

Expert commentary:
"The Founder of LKI Consulting, a PR firm that has handled several ICOs especially in the last couple of months, Laura Kornelija Inamedinova believes that the reason for this ICO trend must be related to the increase in the overall quality of ICOs. She recalls the situation which existed in this industry around six months ago, where probably anyone could announce an ICO, as basically all what people needed was a nice and attractive idea and technological mindset or competence in business and digital innovations were considered as the second-tier subjects."


CoinTelegraph: Serbia: xCEEd 2018 Conference at Metropol Hotel [2018]

Panel discussion quote:
ICO projects, as a new way of funding, is best described by Laura K. Inamedinova, founder of LKI Consulting: "Everyone is talking about it as a great opportunity for fraud, which is somewhat true, because there will always be people who will abuse it. However, I think that the bigger problem is that the drivers of these projects are too ambitious and simply do not manage to deal with the collected money and the completion of the project to the end. "


Venture Beat: Plag, the virus-inspired content sharing app, gets its own chatbot [2016]

Company presentation:
“Can you imagine a social network that takes offense at you?,” Inamedinova said. “Well, Plag can. We hope that this feature will make users pay more attention to ‘proper’ usage of Plag, since this network is one-of-a-kind.”


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Sports Insight: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Possible Applications in Sport [2018]

Expert commentary:
"Laura K. Inamedinova, the Founder of LKI Consulting has identified a myriad of opportunities for the sporting industry to engage with cryptocurrencies:
It could be divided between sports fans and actual professionals. For example, crypto use could provide a more convenient way to purchase tickets to certain events. Also, Blockchain could operate the data of sportspeople, including physical measurements and doping tests."

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StartupNation: Become a Marketing Expert with These 5 Public Relations Tips [2016]

Laura K. Inamedinova opinion pice on marketing:
Creating a powerful public relations and marketing plan is key to your organization’s success. But how do you do so effectively? Here are five public relations tips for you to learn how to become a great marketing specialist.